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Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Communication Model

A Communication Model

The fundamental purpose of a communications system is the exchange of data
between two parties.
Let us consider a simple communication model Figure(a), the key elements of the model are,

Source: This device generates the data to be transmitted; examples are telephones and personal computers.
Transmitter: the data generated by a source system are not transmitted directly in the form in which they were generated. A transmitter transforms and encodes the information in the form which is suitable for the transmission and then transmit it across a transmission system.
Transmission System: This can be a single transmission line or media that connects source and destination and share data between both entities.
Receiver: The receiver accepts the signal from the transmission system and converts it into a form that can be handled by the destination device (original form in which the data was generated by source)
Destination: Takes the incoming data from the receiver.

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